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Ally Neuman, LCSW

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Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance.
You yourself, either now or in the past, have created all opportunities that arise on your path.
Since you have earned them,
Use them to your best advantage.
— Paramahansa Yogananda.

I believe that each of us is doing our best to be happy, which might mean feeling more peaceful or confident, having satisfying relationships or accomplishing professional goals...

During our lifetime we are impacted by many relationships and events - some of which make us strong and confident, but some leave us feeling hurt, overwhelmed, angry, helpless or confused...

We tend to feel nervous and uncomfortable when are are experiencing some of these emotional reactions, which makes us want to retreat.  We try to avoid our unpleasent feelings by overworking, shopping, traveling, relying on drugs, sex or alcohol, exercising fanatically, watching mindless TV or Internet surfing...

These solutions may offer a temporary relief, but do NOT deliver the lasting results we hope for.

Our feelings carry extremely important information about who we are. To dismiss this information is to cut off an essential part of yourself.

When we suppress our feelings - they don't simply disappear. They drain us of vital energy causing a disconnect from our core self and eventually erupt to the surface in the form of depression, anxiety, chronic unease, emptiness, restlessness, fatigue, rage, luck of motivation, health problems, relational problems, feeling alone even in close relationships, and the list goes on...

Yet, we continue to firm up our efforts to avoid our difficult feelings, wondering why we are unable to experience a lasting relief?

Something fundamental needs to change - we need to find the courage to face our emotional needs and to give voice to them...

Based on your needs and personal goals for psychotherapy I bring together cutting-edge effective therapy models like Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which integrate short-term psycho-dynamic model, relational models, attachment studies, affective neuroscience, transformational studies and mindfulness skills.

You have a choice to step into your life fully open and to live a life you really want.

At a time when I felt stuck, anxious and ashamed, Ally created a safe, non-judgmental space for me to better understand my emotions. Through her authentic, patient, compassionate presence, Ally has supported me in connecting with my truest self. I notice that I am now able to make decisions about my life with greater clarity and confidence, and I feel better able to manage overwhelming emotions and experiences when they arise. My work with Ally has been a transformative force in my life.
— Anne

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Individual therapy/counseling is recommended when addressing:

• Depression and Anxiety
• Chronic Shame, Guilt and Self-doubt
• Fears, Phobias, and Panic
• Low Self-esteem
• Relationship Problems
• Chronic Anger
• Loss and New Life Stage Transition
• Moving Past Psychological Trauma, Childhood Abuse

I believe that you are NOT defined by your problems or your pain - they are simply a temporary result of your best efforts to cope with a very difficult reality now or in the past.

Such strategies served you well by protecting you for a while, but now became outdated and are problems onto their own right because they are blocking you from knowing your most authentic self - the wisdom of who you are, what you want in life and how you can get there.

I know that you have an in-built potential to heal and TRANSFORM:

to connect with yourself and others in your life, to give and receive support, to feel vitality and aliveness when you love, work and play.

With sensitivity, compassion and individual approach for each person's needs I help you find practical solutions to current and long-standing difficulties.

Ally is incredible and I feel so lucky to have found her. Ally has been able to connect with me on personal level, which allows me to feel more comfortable and open. I had been very hesitant to the idea of therapy and Ally has been able to make this process easier for me, even on the really difficult days. She helps me feel, understand and find solutions. I believe Ally took her time getting to know me and over time she has been able to make recommendations that are appropriate and I know she understands how I am feeling. I have already seen significant changes in my life from my time working with her and I am so thankful. I have and will continue to refer people in my network to her.
— Addy

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Would you like to strengthen your relationship?

Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner?
Do you find yourself stuck in a cycle of recurrent bickering and fighting which leaves you doubting your relationship?
Do you feel alone, disconnected and shut-out?
Or underappreciated, overwhelmed and criticized?

 My area of expertise is in the interconnection between the security of your relational bonds and anxiety, depression, trauma.
When working with couples I offer Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

EFT is now being hailed as “the new science of love”, supported by a substantial body of research to be the most effective treatment to help couples in distress as well as in pre-marital counseling to find their way back to loving connection they once shared or simply strengthen their communication skills. 

It is a short term (8-20 sessions), powerful and practical approach to reducing relationship conflict and helping couples rebuild/strengthen trust and intimacy.

Research shows 75-90% of distressed couples who undergo EFT recover from distress and show significant and sustained improvement in their relationship. Please refer to EFT website to get more information about this treatment model. www.eft.ca

All romantic relationships begin with excitement, mutual appreciation and tenderness. This relationship carries a promise of life-long love, friendship, and support…

The need to depend on your partner for support is encoded in our human DNA from the moment we are born until the time of death. It is not a “childish trait” to outgrow…

Fear, uncertainty and sadness automatically activate this need. When you experience your partner as inaccessible: unable or unwilling to understand and respond when you are in need – you make due, but later pay the price by becoming depressed, anxious and even hopeless. On the other hand, being able to depend on your partner makes it possible to stay open and flexible, promotes confidence necessary to go through very difficult life experiences. 

My goal is to help both of you come away with a deeper understanding of each other, as well as knowledge and skills to safeguard and grow your relationship.

Ally has helped us recognize and interrupt cycles of conflict in our communication at a key time in our marriage—when we were preparing for and adjusting to being new parents. She’s given us the ability to voice our needs and extend grace and support to each other in times of stress. Thanks to Dr. Neuman, we are raising our son in a home with far less conflict and far more laughter and love.
— M. & J.

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My commitment to the craft of psychotherapy began at Columbia University School of Social Work where I specialized in Clinical Practice.  My focus was on  understanding and treatment of wide range of emotional/psychological difficulties and their impact on relationship with self and others, ability to be creative and productive, and on overall capacity for HAPPINESS.

I continued to advance my skills through post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family - a world-renowned center for teaching, research and treatment in the field of couples and family therapy, where I learned most up-to-date clinical models from experts in this field. 

My work as a therapist began in New York City right after 9/11 terrorist attacks. Mount Sinai Hospital was launching a new program for World Trade Center rescue workers and volunteers who needed medical and mental health assessment and treatment. My experience at the WTC Program helped me develop expertise in treating trauma (PTSD), depression, anxiety, panic, and adjustment to chronic medical illness. I had written on this topic and given presentations at many professional conferences.

Witnessing how disaster like 9/11 ravaged the lives of so many first responders, while leaving others seemingly unscathed, and even stronger and happier - made me wonder: what is the X-factor of our human resilience?

Speaking with thousands of responders revealed again and again the undeniable wisdom: having reliable and responsive relationships with important others AND the ability to seek refuge in those relationships at a time of crisis – serves as a psychological shield of protection… I bring these lessons from Ground Zero responders into my personal life and to my everyday professional practice … 

One of my own therapy experiences was another major influence: I found that traditional approach of a distant therapist who offered little feedback and responded from a place of “knowing it all” – left me feeling frustrated, judged, and alone. I was moved to turn my frustration into an opportunity to seek a more responsive and connected way of being with my clients. 

I also incorporate mindfulness skills and non-judgmental acceptance and compassion for self and others into my life and my professional practice. 

All elements of my personal and professional quest constantly come together to form my vision and my approach to being a therapist.

My experience with Ally has been a phenomenal one so far! I was looking for a therapist, who would not only listen to me but offer solutions to my struggles; this isn’t your typical lay on the couch and speak therapy session – it’s engaging. Ally takes the time to break down scenarios for me to help me understand the situation better. I have been seeing Ally for about seven months and I have seen tremendous improvement in my mood and personal life. She really cares, and it’s her empathetic trait that really makes the session worthwhile. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better their lives.
— Payal

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Please contact me to discuss details as my fee may vary depending on individual, couples or group therapy.


I accept many insurance plans on "out-of-network" basis. When working with me as an “out-of-network” therapist – you are responsible only for the co-pay portion of my fee while I offer the convenience of submitting claims electronically on your behalf. Please contact me to get more detailed information based on your insurance plan.

When I met Ally, I felt controlled by social anxiety. She equipped me with the tools to acknowledge, explore, and verbalize my feelings and fears in a way I’d never known was possible. Because of my work with her, I have been able to pursue stronger friendships, a healthy marriage, and a fulfilling career.
— L. R.

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I have been working with Ally for more than three years, and it has had a significant impact on my relationships. She approaches every session with empathy, earnestness, and gentleness—and has a profound ability to help me articulate feelings in new ways that help me better understand myself and my motivations.
— Chris

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The First Step Is Always The Hardest

 One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness. Our culture has a prevailing attitude  that it is somehow heroic to be able to carry on regardless of severity of our symptoms and suffering. 

I believe that real heroism comes from having the courage to openly acknowledge your experiences, NOT from suppressing or denying them.

Starting psychotherapy is also intimidating because as you are getting ready to deal with your life's most difficult or vulnerable  issues - you may also be wondering: Will I be judged? What will a therapist make of my story? How will it help? EVERYONE shares these fears!

I use all the genuine aspects of my personality to help you feel comfortable and understood. I am interactive and honest when answering any of your questions about therapy.

Research on psychological resilience honed-in on 3 attitudes common for those who remain strong at a time of crisis:

  1. Seeing a challenge instead of a threat

  2. Making a commitment instead of practicing denial

  3. Taking control instead of lapsing into helplessness.

All of this comes down to a strong personal determination - 

I will without question make something good come out of this.

Starting psychotherapy is a part of such determination.

No-obligation consultation is a good way to begin…

Or, if you're ready to begin right now, why not...

My therapy with Ally helped me work through my grief over the loss of my father and, simultaneously, some difficulties in a family relationship. It wasn’t easy, but Ally created an open, judgment-free space, where I was able to explore and confront what I needed in an organic way.
— Gia