Ally Neuman, LCSW - Strengthening Connections Within and Between
taking a journey to persue your goals, hopes and dreamsThe First Step is
Always the Hardest.
One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness. Our culture has a prevailing attitude  that it is somehow heroic to be able to carry on regardless of severity of our symptoms and suffering.  

I believe that real heroism comes from having the courage to openly acknowledge your experiences, NOT from suppressing or denying them. 

Starting psychotherapy is also intimidating because as you are getting ready to deal with your life's most difficult or vulnerable  issues - you may also be wondering: Will I be judged? What will a therapist make of my story? How will it help? EVERYONE shares these fears!

I use all the genuine aspects of my personality to help you feel comfortable and understood. I am interactive and honest when answering any of your questions about therapy.

Research on psychological resilience honed-in on 3 attitudes common for those who remain strong at a time of crisis:

1. Seeing a challenge instead of a threat
2. Making a commitment instead of practicing denial
3. Taking control instead of lapsing into helplessness.

All of this comes down to a strong personal determination - 
I will without question make something good come out of this. 

Starting psychotherapy is a part of such determination.

No-obligation consultation is a good way to begin…