Ally Neuman, LCSW - Strengthening Connections Within and Between
deeper understanding of yourself and personal growth with the help of psychotherapy/counseling.
Individual Therapy

Individual therapy/counseling is recommended when addressing:

Depression and Anxiety
• Chronic Shame, Guilt and Self-doubt
• Fears, Phobias, and Panic
• Low Self-esteem
• Relationship Problems
• Chronic Anger
• Loss and New Life Stage Transition

• Moving Past Psychological Trauma, Childhood Abuse
I believe that you are NOT defined by your problems or your pain-
they are simply a temporary result of your best efforts to cope with a very difficult reality now or in the past.
Such strategies served you well by protecting you for a while, but now became outdated and are problems onto their own right because they are blocking you from knowing your most authentic self - the wisdom of who you are, what you want in life and how you can get there.
I know that you have an in-built potential to heal and TRANSFORM:
to connect with yourself and others in your life, to give and receive support, to feel vitality and aliveness when you love, work and play.

With sensitivity, compassion and individual approach for each person's needs I help you find practical solutions to current and long-standing difficulties.

clarity and peace inside and out as a result of your efforts towards persoanl growth.