Ally Neuman, LCSW - Strengthening Connections Within and Between
Couples Therapy.
Would you like to strengthen your relationship?
Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner?
Do you find yourself stuck in a cycle of recurrent bickering and fighting which leaves you doubting your relationship?
Do you feel alone, disconnected and shut-out?
Or underappreciated, overwhelmed and criticized?
 My area of expertise is in the interconnection between the security of your relational bonds and anxiety, depression, trauma.

When working with couples I offer Emotionally-Focused CouplesTherapy (EFT).
EFT is now being hailed as “the new science of love”, supported by a substantial body of research to be the most effective treatment to help couples in distress as well as in pre-marital counseling to find their way back to loving connection they once shared or simply strengthen their communication skills.
It is a short term (8-20 sessions), powerful and practical approach to reducing relationship conflict and helping couples rebuild/strengthen trust and intimacy.
Research shows 75-90% of distressed couples who undergo EFT recover from distress and show significant and sustained improvement in their relationship. Please refer to EFT website to get more information about this treatment model.

All romantic relationships begin with excitement, mutual appreciation and tenderness. This relationship carries a promise of life-long love, friendship, and support…

The need to depend on your partner for support is encoded in our human DNA from the moment we are born until the time of death. It is not a “childish trait” to outgrow…
Fear, uncertainty and sadness automatically activate this need. When you experience your partner as inaccessible: unable or unwilling to understand and respond when you are in need – you make due, but later pay the price by becoming depressed, anxious and even hopeless. On the other hand, being able to depend on your partner makes it possible to stay open and flexible, promotes confidence necessary to go through very difficult life experiences. 
My goal is to help both of you come away with a deeper understanding of each other, as well as knowledge and skills to safeguard and grow your relationship.
everlasting loveconnection with your partnerunderstanding and love