Ally Neuman, LCSW - Strengthening Connections through New York Psychotherapy.
About Therapy and My Approach.
blue bird of  happiness
I believe that each of us is doing our best to be happy, which might mean feeling more peaceful or confident, having satisfying relationships or accomplishing professional goals...

Throughout our life we are affected by many important relationships and events, some of which make us strong and confident, but some leave us with a great deal of hurt, helplessness, anger, or confusion...
We tend to spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid these unpleasant feelings by overworking, shopping, traveling, using drugs or alcohol, watching mindless TV and Internet surfing... 
These solutions may offer a temporary relief but tend NOT to deliver the long-lasting results we hope for.
Something fundamental needs to change.
Change must first occur within yourself.

It is a liberating realization as it gives YOU the power…
Psychotherapy and counseling create a safe space for you to focus your attention on your most honest emotional experience without being swept-up by judgments, fears and expectations.
You will not be alone in this new space,
As your therapist - I will be there as a non-judgmental and encouraging partner.
My therapeutic approach is to provide support and feedback to help you find practical solutions to current and long-standing problems. With sensitivity, compassion and individual approach to each person's needs I help you respond to wide range of life’s challenges and psychological difficulties.
I integrate modern psychodynamic, attachment, relational and mindfulness-based therapeutic models.  Please feel free contact me to get more information.